Adolescent Mental health Team (AMHT)

The specialist team work with young people age 13-17 presenting with severe mental illness and behaviour indicating a high risk to themselves or others. This will include young people who are psychotic, bipolar, severely depressed or dysphoric and emotionally unstable, or with other conditions such as obsessive compulsive disorder where there is a high level of dysfunction, and those isolated to a marked degree when it is considered a significant mental illness is likely. The main function of the model is to provide an alternative to in-patient admission through community based interventions.

Bi-Lingual Co-Workers

Bi-lingual co-workers work alongside out clinical teams to enable children, young people and their families who do not speak English to access our services. They respect the confidentiality of our clients and have the language skills and the cultural knowledge to assist non-English speakers in accessing and using our services.

Clinical Psychologists

Clinical Psychologists have an understanding of the difficulties you may face as you grow up.

We work with young people and adults, and have experience in all types of things that might affect you or your family.

We are here to support you to cope with any difficulties that you may be having about how you are feeling, behaving or thinking.

Coborn Centre

The Coborn Centre for Adolescent Mental Health are a team of mental health specialists with experience of working with children and young people aged 12-18 with complex and severe emotional and/or mental illness.

Our team includes Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Occupational Therapists, Family Therapists and Nurses.

Young people will usually live in the centre for some time and take part in lots of different activities which are designed to help them understand their mental health problems and find better ways of coping with them.

We also use group work to empower young people to build up an occupational identity. Group activities include sports, music, cooking, relaxation and gardening. Young people are encouraged and supported to maximise their independence through defining their own roles, making life choices and engaging in activities that lead to personal success.

We provide a service to young people living in Hackney, Tower Hamlets and Newham but also to young people from around the country.


Early Help - Bedfordshire and Luton

The targeted team provide rapid access to targeted interventions for children which will be facilitated at an early stage of need. This will include joint health and social care assessments and consultation for the Team Around the Child, focusing on the principle of strong, collaborative partnership working between agencies.

Emotional and Behavioural Team (EBT x 2) - Bedfordshire and Luton

Bedford Emotional and Behavioural Team is based in Bedford town and Central Bedfordshire Emotional and Behavioural Team is split across two sites (one in the North and one in the South of the county). The teams provide assessment and treatment for young people with emotional and / or behavioural difficulties unless already managed by any of the above specialist teams.

Family Therapists

Family Therapists will see you and/or your family to help each other when they may be experiencing difficulties.

When some people in your family are having difficulties, it can affect everyone in the family.

We believe that by talking together in different ways, we can help to improve relationships, and help everyone understand each other better.


Looked After Children

We are a specialist team made up of different professionals, who work with children and young people who are living with foster carers or in residential care. We also offer consultations to foster carers and any other professionals working with children who are Looked After by the Local Authority.

We know that living away from family in care can mean you are more likely to experience some difficulties of growing up, and we aim to offer support with any feelings and emotions associated with this.

Looked After Children - Bedfordshire and Luton (LAC)

Bedfordshire Looked after Children CAMHS provides outpatient assessments, support and treatment for children and young people up to the age of 18 years, who are in Local Authority care, and are experiencing moderate to severe mental health problems. The LAC team works with children and young people who are not living at home with their birth parents , and are placed with foster carers or in residential homes, either voluntarily or through a Care Order being granted to the Local Authority by the Courts.

Bedfordshire LAC CAMHS is a multi-disciplinary team comprised of Professional Clinical Lead, Psychotherapist, Family Systemic Therapist, Specialist Nurse and a Social Worker.

Neuro Developmental Team (NDT) - Bedfordshire and Luton

This is a countywide Tier 3 service, where Tier 2 services such as nurse-led sleep clinic, nurse-led behavioural clinics, locality parenting support teams, CHUMS and Child Development Centre assessments (as appropriate) have been previously. Referrals are based on young people presenting with a combination of both: evidence of learning disability (IQ<70) and / or a diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder or severe challenging behaviour and or moderate to severe.


CAMHS nursing is based on the principles of care, healing and enabling. When nurses meet with young people, children and families referred into CAMHS we place a lot of importance on building a trusting and open relationship, in order to help us work together on achieving your goals for improving your situation.

Our core training is in mental health nursing and we are experienced in knowing what is helpful in promoting and maintaining mental health and positive relationships. Many nurses have done other specific trainings in Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Dialectic Behaviour Therapy, Psycho-Dynamic work and Family Therapy. If we think these might be helpful for you we explain them in a lot more detail.

Our aim in meeting with you is to help you in managing better any stressful situations you may face, assisting you in achieving your aspirations and in making positive life choices.


Occupational Therapists

Occupational therapy with adolescents in mental health is the Art and Science that uses activity and group work as a medium to empower young people to build up an occupational identity. This is achieved through maximising their independence in defining own roles, making life choices and engaging in productivity, leisure and self-care occupations that lead to personal success.


Psychiatrists are doctors who can help you to understand why you feel a certain way.

Psychiatrists will talk to you and help you work out what is going on for you and offer lots of different support.


In psychotherapy you can talk about (or draw or play) what is on your mind, what life is like for you, and any difficult, upset, angry or stuck feelings you may have.

Psychotherapists can help you understand difficulties in relationships whether with friends or with family members or loved ones, and can help you make changes when you are ready.

If you have difficult and challenging things in your past we can help you think and understand how this affects you in the present and your expectations and hopes for your future.

Schools Programme - Bedfordshire and Luton

Is a targeted group of specialist CAMHS Mental Health Practitioners who are embedded in each of the Upper Schools and Colleges within Bedfordshire providing specialist emotional health training to staff, case consultation and where appropriate direct assessment if required.

The named lead in schools are responsible for mental health, developing closer relationships with CAMHS in support of timely and appropriate referrals to services.

The Adolescent Mental Health Team (AMHT)

We offer specialist assessment, support and treatment for young people aged 13– 18 years old, who may be experiencing severe and complex mental health difficulties that affect their day to day lives. The service also provides early intervention at the onset of psychosis in young people. The Team is made up of Psychiatrist, Psychologists, Family Therapists and Nurse Specialists. A Care Coordinator will normally oversee your care, although you may also see other members of the team.

The Community Eating Disorder service (CEDS)

The Community Eating Disorder service (CEDS) is a single dedicated team of CAMHS professionals. The team leads on the direct delivery of interventions for children and young people presenting with moderate and severe presentations of eating disorders. The service model includes an appropriate emphasis on prevention and early intervention.

The Learning Disability and Autism Team (LD A)

We work with young people aged 0-18 who have a learning disability; where there is concern about their emotional wellbeing, mental health, or there is difficulty managing their behaviour. We also work with their parents and carers. Our team offers specialist assessment, support and advice focused on the particular emotional and behavioural needs of children with a learning disability. Common problems we work with include; difficulties with social skills and toileting, and support for emotional difficulties such as anger or anxiety.

The Paediatric Liaison Team

The team consists of a Consultant Psychiatrist, Nurse Specialist and Family Therapist, providing assessment, intervention and support to children and young people who have medical or surgical problems. We offer a therapeutic service for children and young people who come into contact with paediatric services and require help and support with adjusting and coping with illness or injury, emotional and/or behavioural problems in a child with illness or injury or treatment compliance problems. We also support parents and siblings where families have difficulties coping with a child’s or young person's illness.
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