This is the online referral page for the East London NHS Foundation Trust CAMHS Services.
If you or your child does not live in the boroughs of City & Hackney, Newham, Tower Hamlets or Bedfordshire, please click here to find a CAMHS service for where you live, or contact your GP.

East London Foundation Trust (ELFT) provides specialist CAMHS services in five boroughs; City & Hackney, Tower Hamlets, Newham, Bedfordshire and Luton. Each service offers the same process for the safe consistency in the management of referrals. All referrals are discussed with the young person, their family, and / or the referrer in order for the specialist clinical triage team to gather all relevant information, this helps inform the team to make a detailed clinical decision regarding the most appropriate treatment pathway for your presenting need based on risk to ensure your referral receives the right help at the right time. Once a decision has been made you will receive confirmation from the team to inform you of the outcome of your referral, this may include offering an episode of care within CAMHS or signposting to local services who are better suited to meet your needs. A copy of the clinical decision making will be sent to you and copied to your GP for continuity of care.

If you are making a referral on behalf of a young person, please choose the 'Professional' tab on the right-hand side drop-down menu below.

Making a Referral

We are only taking referrals from Newham residents at the moment. More regions to follow soon.

CAMHS accepts referrals for children and young people up to their 18th birthday. If you are under 12 you will need to ask your main carer to complete the self-referral form. Find your local CAMHS service on the Where We Work page. If you cannot find the service below, please click here to search.

Please contact our clinicians if you are unsure on whether we can support you with the referral, or whether other services may be more appropriate in the first instance. 

If you feel you or someone you care for are in danger of hurting themselves, or someone else, please contact our urgent care services by clicking this link: Urgent Crisis Support 

If you are a professional, making a referral on behalf of a young person, please use the drop-down menu on the right-hand side below.

Get help in an emergency

If It’s not an emergency, you can dial 111 if you need help fast.

We also have urgent crisis care support available across all our areas

Do not use our online referrals form for urgent help.


If you attend a face to face interview you must follow the hygiene rules. Wear a Mask, Keep 2m apart and wash hands regularly. For health information & advice, visit our Coronavirus advice page

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