CAMHSTalk Podcast Launched on Monday 9th September!

06 September, 2019 : 14:46

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We are very proud to launch this new initiative which is a fantastic example of coproduction with our young people and an exciting way of raising awareness of the work we do at CAMHS. We are hoping to reduce the stigma around mental health and educate people so they feel more comfortable asking for help and supporting others who are struggling.

We are already on iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Deezer, Tunein and loads more!

Search for CAMHSTalk and subscribe ready for Monday. You will then receive a notification as soon as the podcast goes live!

CAMHSTalk - Returning to school

08 September 2020

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Our latest CAMHSTalk Podcast is now available to listen to and features a conversation between Sevgi and Rachael (our Assistant Psychologists) and 2 of our service users, Lucy and Jay.

They discuss anxieties around returning to school.

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A Personal Reflection On The Black Lives Matter Protests

20 August 2020

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Destiny Chance explains why racial justice matters to her. 

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