A Personal Reflection On The Black Lives Matter Protests

20 August, 2020 : 16:18

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We were ready for the change that needs to happen and it had to happen in our town as well as around the world, so we decided to do a protest in Luton to support the Black Lives Matter movement and to also show that racism is everywhere and very much affecting our town. George Floyd’s death really shook the world and got people to start to say enough is enough even though he is one of many victims to this disease in our world called racism.

As a young group of organisers we wanted to make our voices heard and help make a change regardless of our age. We knew there would be backlash and people doubting our movement but we were able to come together and stand up for black lives; we managed to hold a peaceful protest in our town without any violence despite Luton having a bad reputation. Even though Luton is a multicultural town that doesn’t mean there isn’t racism - there is and so there is still the need to make our voices heard as well as help the change for our future.

The aim of the movement was for justice to all the lives lost and to make a better future for us and our children to be able to change these times into history and not the daily news, and as a group, we knew it was necessary to make it clear that people want change and justice and it shouldn’t be a debate as we are simply asking for equal rights that are already in law.

What racism means to me

For me personally racism and putting it to the end is something I feel very strongly about. At only 17 I have experienced it many times and have been rejected based on my skin colour, I know many others who have experienced racism too in many different ways. I was honoured to be able to be apart of the organisation and be apart of the movement. I feel like there’s still a long way to go but we are still only at the beginning of this movement for something that’s been going on for over 200 years. It’s mind-blowing that people can still be ignorant to the situation and that so many people are still uneducated. I hope this really is gonna be the start of the change and I won't have to warn my children for their safety and being treated differently based on their skin.

The world needs to change.

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